Covid-19 Protocol | Metur Hotel

Covid-19 Protocol


We keep our hygiene standards at the highest level, as always, against the COVID - 19 epidemic  as Metur Family  that affects the whole world.

 In this context;


- Our open buffet breakfast turned into a stretch plate breakfast

- After our guests leave, their rooms are aired 24 hours before the other guests arrive.

- Public areas are disinfected every 4 days and quest rooms are after each check out  disinfected with a special machine.

- We provide our guests with masks and gloves

- A seating arrangement suitable for social distance was created in our breakfast room.

- We put hand disinfectants at the points that our customers can easily reach.

- A disinfecting mat was placed in our hotel entrance

- Common areas such as door handles and elevator doors are disinfected with special chemicals 5 times a day.

- The card system was switched on the room doors, each card is disinfected and given to our guests.


We have taken these and many more precautions for you to make the most healthy stay.